Is Free Traffic Achievr A Scam? – Find Out the Truth

Everyone loves the thought of free traffic don’t they, but is it actually possible? In this review we’re going to be finding out if Free Traffic Achievr is a scam or a legitimate way to in actual fact get free traffic. I reviewed a product by 2 of these guys a little while ago with a positive outcome, how will this one fair?

NAME: Free Traffic Achievris free traffic achievr a scam

OWNERS: Medhi Tihani, Fergal Downes

& Kal Bartal

PRICE: $9.96


#1 recommendation

what is free traffic achievr about

Well I’m hoping it’s about generating 100% free traffic with a totally new method which is going to make me $190.71 paydays.

Who thinks that’s going to be the case?

This is all about how a 39-year-old newbie who is/was a truck driver discovered this method. If you watch the video above at 0.40 secs in you’ll hear fergal tell you that he done it with absolutely “NO CONNECTIONS” and at 2.44 he tells you that if a 39-year-old newbie who’s “NEVER MADE A DIME ONLINE BEFORE THIS” then anyone can.

I just want to throw a bit of a spanner in to the works here, you see Kal, the newbie truck driver has been in this industry promoting products since at least 2011 ……. not exactly a newbie wouldn’t you say.

kal bartalHe has 963 followers on Google plus, 127 on Warrior plus, and so on.

Here’s a picture of some of his “NO CONNECTIONS

no connectionsI’m sure you’ll recognize most of the faces there, they all get together to figure out how best to get YOU to part with your money. No wonder they’ll all smiling.

This sales page is so similar to his other products ……… oh you didn’t know he has released other products did you. That’s because he’s supposed to be a NEWBIE!

So I think it’s safe to say we can pretty much disregard anything that’s said on the sales page as HYPE and not believe it.

Anyway back to what it is.

I’m excited to find out exactly what this NEW free traffic method is because the sales page sure as hell don’t tell you.

I can tell you now that I’m 3 videos into the training and I still don’t really know what the hell he’s going on about. He seems to be using Facebook to request friends in a certain sector, for instance MMO niche, but at the moment that’s all I know.

Ha Ha Ha, I’ve just realized what he wants you to do …… he wants you post income screenshots to Facebook and hope that all of your friends reach out to you for help in getting them the same results. He says you don’t even have to use your own screenshots!.

Once they reach out to you asking for help you ask about their problems, tell them a solution and give them your link where they can buy the product.

And that’s what this is all about.

He assumes that everyone that gets in touch with you will have a credit card in hand ready to buy from you. What planet is this guy on. Seriously.

inside the training

OK let’s take a look at what it is you’re going to be getting for the princely sum of $9.96.

  • Welcome – 1.08free traffic achievr training dashboard


  • Your Audience – 5.12
  • Friends list and Requests – 3.36


  • Positioning 5.58
  • Paul Nicholls’ Post – 5.04


  • Making the Sale – 3.39
  • Tips for Making the Sale – 5.03
  • Get Clickfunnels Signups Quick – 16.21

It’s incredibly basic and doesn’t really cover anything in particular.

Are there any upsells? you betcha!

the oto’s

If you decide to buy this then you can expect to be hit with 3 upsells before you get to your purchase, these will supposedly make you money even faster ……

  • OTO1 – Case Study, Advanced Training $27 – what you get here is “advanced” training that will get 10x faster results. I’ve just got to say that it’s not going to take a lot to be more advanced than the main product, LOL.
  • OTO2 – Done-for-You Pack $19.95 – This is what it says on the tin, a done for you pack that includes posts, swipes etc.
  • OTO3/DS3 – Resell Rights $37 with a downsell to $27 – This is basically the rights to sell Free Traffic Achievr and keep 100%, I’m really not sure why you’ want to be associated with a product like this, but who knows.

final thoughts

It’s been a while since I’ve seen something as thin as this, he really doesn’t tell you how to do anything and he wants to charge you for it!

The longest video in the entire course isn’t even anything to do with the course, it’s about signing up to Clickfunnels through his link and promoting Clickfunnels, nothing to do with free traffic.

You are for all intents and purposes told to make out as if you’re making all this money and people who are looking for a way to make money online will come begging for you to show them how you do it, when in reality you may not have made a penny online.

Again it’s a case of feeding off peoples desire to break free from the day to day grind of the 9 – 5. Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that all, helping people i mean, after all it’s what I do on a daily basis.

The difference with me is that I don’t try to pull the wool over peoples eye’s, promising things that I don’t deliver. I honestly want to help people enjoy the same way of life I do.

This really isn’t worth your time or your money.

not approved

what now

I just mentioned about helping you and that’s going to be your next step, to let me help you realise your dream of making money online.

I’m not here to tell you it’s all going to be rosy because it won’t’, you’re not going to become a millionaire overnight. It takes hard work and if you’re not willing to put that work in then I’m afraid this business isn’t for you.

Don’t believe all these false claims of making $$$$$ by the end of the week, it just doesn’t happen if you’re new.

Click the banner below to be taken to a FREE course that will give you taste of what it’s really like in internet marketing. It’s not a trial, you can stay on the FREE plan for as long as you want.

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