Get Paid to Post on Forums

Getting paid to post on forums is exactly what it sounds like – making money by sharing your thoughts, advice and opinions on message boards and communities.

Just as social media influencers attract brands wanting to sponsor their content, forums leverage their engaged audiences by hiring users to start discussions or contribute replies around certain topics.

While generating an income from random Internet ramblings may seem too good to be true, legit forum posting jobs do exist – and the opportunities are growing.

get paid to post on forums

As more commerce and content shift digital, companies realize they need people on the ground (or behind screens) keeping their brands top of mind.

They understand the value of niche communities full of their target customers.

So can you actually get someone to pay you for posting on car lovers’ groups, RV lifestyle boards, coding hubs or even couponing forums?

Absolutely. But like with any online earning stream, you need to understand the landscape before diving in.

Determine which forums offer real compensation, avoid shady operators, and build trust and visibility long-term.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through everything I’ve learned from five years and hundreds of paid forum posts.

Think of it as your blueprint for assessing potential, spotting red flags, excelling in legitimate programs and ultimately building a low-lift income stream around one of the web’s greatest pastimes: sharing your passion and perspectives.

I’ll start by explaining exactly how the paid posting model works, the key players, standards and strategies for success. Get ready to look at forums in a whole new (profitable) light…

Understanding Paid Forum Posting

Simply put, paid forum posting means actively contributing to online forums and message boards in exchange for compensation from the site owner or sponsors. Payment arrangements vary, but common structures include:

  • Upfront fees per post – For example, $5 to start discussion threads around specific topics
  • Revenue share models – Forums pay a percentage of ad earnings based on your posts’ page views or user engagement
  • Points, badges and prizes – Active contributors earn credits to cash out for money or gifts

As you can see, there are some key players that make these arrangements possible within forum ecosystems:

  • Forum owners / operators that cultivate engaged, niche audiences
  • Brands and advertisers that pay to get their products in front of those audiences
  • Contributors like you who drive fresh, relevant conversations aligned to sponsor goals

Getting paid for posts revolves around understanding this dynamic and providing genuine value to each group. When done right, everyone wins – you supplement your income while keeping a community vibrant.

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Different Types of Forums That Offer Paid Opportunities

While virtually any forum built around a specific interest, industry or activity is a potential paid posting opportunity, a few categories stand out:

  1. Niche Forums These attract users through specialized, often enthusiast-level discussions around a single topic. Potential niche areas: auto/motorcycles, fitness, cinematography, forex trading, drones, parenting, pet care, video games, financial planning, crypto.

Brands covet these close-knit communities because they bring together their hyper-specific target audiences.

  1. General Discussion Forums
    These range from city-specific message boards to overall discussion platforms like Reddit or Quora. Often the forums themselves or marketers pay to promote conversations around broad or trending lifestyle topics like travel hacks, kitchen gadgets, entertainment and pop culture.
  2. Q&A Forums Sites like Yahoo Answers, or Wiki.answers compensate their top around the clock contributors. Through relevant tags and top search engine results pages (SERPs) positioning, they’ve built huge repositories of question and answer style content.

Niche forums should be your primary targets as a paid forum poster, but opportunities can emerge just about anywhere online communities exist – especially if brands want access to their eyes and conversations.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Paid Forum Posting

Like any gig, getting paid to post on forums comes with both upsides and downsides. Let’s unpack them so you can make an informed decision:


1. Additional Income. If you enjoy spending time on forums anyway, why not earn cash for the same discussions? Top contributors can reliably bank $200+ per month. Not bad for chatting about your favorite topics!

2. Skill Development. To attract sponsor payments, you need to learn how to craft compelling posts that get upvotes and comments. Over time, you’ll sharpen communication talents like writing, listening and connecting with audiences.

3. Networking Opportunities. By actively participating in industry forums, you’ll build recognition and relationships with influential voices. This can lead to career openings, business partnerships and other value-adds beyond direct post revenue.


1. Time-Consuming. There’s no passive income here – you’ll need to invest 5-10+ hours per week reading, commenting and posting thoughtfully around community conversations. It takes consistent effort to build authority and loyal followings.

2. Quality Concerns. The pay-for-posting model certainly lends itself to lower quality contributions, especially from new users. You’ll need to avoid blatant shilling and self-promotion by providing genuine value.

3. Dependence on Forum Policies. While some forums pay directly, most revenue comes from impressions, clicks and lead generation for advertisers. If they change algorithms or paid structures, your earnings could take a hit overnight.

Finding Paid Forum Posting Opportunities

Finding active forums aligned to your interests and expertise is the first step to uncovering paid posting potential. The goal is to identify online communities that:

  • Attract engaged audiences valuable to sponsors and advertisers
  • Facilitate vibrant discussion around niche topics
  • Establish clear compensation structures

While forum owners publicly confirm paid contributor programs in some cases, you’ll typically need to dig a bit deeper across review sites, contributor testimonials and related blog content to verify opportunities.

Popular Paid Forums

I suggest first checking whether the larger general and Q&A-based forums offer formal compensation programs:

  • Reddit
  • Quora Partner Program
  • Yahoo Answers
  • WikiAnswers

For example, Reddit allows qualifying subreddits to compensate moderators and top contributors through their own funding models or grants.

Forums Within Specific Niches

Your next step is researching forums relevant to your knowledge bases and passions. For instance, if you live the van life, check communities of fellow nomads. If you eat, sleep and breathe running, look at major hubs for athletes.

Head over to my guide on finding your niche forums for paid posting opportunities. It covers:

  • Leveraging Google operators
  • Sorting forums by activity
  • Joining conversations to assess engagement
  • Contacting moderators about compensation

The goal is uncovering 5-10 active forums aligned to your interests that demonstrate advertiser demand and budget. This gives you options to start testing the response to paid posts.

Identifying Legitimate Opportunities

Not all forums that claim to offer compensation deliver. And some hide outright scams beneath fancy promises. That’s why you need to vet potential online communities thoroughly before investing time posting.

Here are the key indicators to assess:

Reading Reviews

Search “[Forum Name] reviews” and “[Forum Name] scam” to see what current and past contributors report about getting paid. Beware vague praise without details – it’s easy to fake general testimonials.

The most credible validation comes from posts sharing specifics of payment timelines, formats (PayPal, check, etc.) and policies.

Checking Forum Reputation

Dig into when the forum started, who founded it and any press coverage over the years. Longer operating histories and established user bases signal legitimacy over fly-by-night sites. Cross-check backgrounds of founders/directors to gauge qualifications.

Visit rating platforms like TrustPilot to gauge sentiment from past contributors. While no forum satisfies every user, look for broad satisfaction especially around getting paid on time.

Verifying Payment Methods

Every legit forum profiles specific payment models and platforms. Typically you’ll see monthly payments, minimum thresholds before cashing out and use of intermediaries like PayPal, Hyperwallet or Tipalti. Integrations with payment processors add credibility vs. vague claims.

Watch for specifics on how and when you’ll get paid for different actions (posts, moderating, traffic goals etc.). Anyone promising guaranteed revenue without clear explanation should spark caution.

With these insider tips for vetting opportunities, you can confidently shortlist reputable forums poised for paid posting success.

Forums That Pay for Posting

Pay for Posting

  • Long operating history (since 2008)
  • Positive forum reviews around payment practices
  • Utilizes PayPal payments along with check options for established writers
  • Payment policies clearly outlined, including $10+ threshold to cash out

This site looks reputable based on longevity, user feedback and transparent payment details that check out. I’d recommend vetting posts and starting an account here.

The Forum Wheel

  • Newer site – launched 2021
  • Mixed user reviews, some issues reported with payment
  • Unclear what exact payment channels and structures in place

As a newer entrant, hard to fully assess legitimacy of The Forum Wheel yet. I’d hold off spending too much unpaid time here until payment policies and positive contributor stories become more concrete.


  • Also new to the scene (2020 launch) but fast growing
  • Mostly positive preliminary reviews on payments
  • Integrates HyperWallet payment system with tiered thresholds

Promising new opportunity but merits more real-life user experiences before fully endorsing. Keep ExtraDime on your shortlist for continuing assessment.

Setting Up Profiles on Reputable Forums

Once you’ve identified legitimate forums for paid posting opportunities, it’s time to dive in and create contributor profiles.

Treat your forum profiles like a professional social media account. The profile details and imagery you share influence how sponsors, moderators and fellow users perceive you.

For each forum, be sure to:

  • Upload a clear profile photo of yourself
  • Write a detailed bio highlighting your relevant background, experience and interests
  • Link to any public profiles like LinkedIn, Twitter or your website to reinforce expertise
  • Craft an intriguing header image featuring imagery tied to the forum niche

Remember, you’re crafting your personal brand as an authority others want to engage with. Leaving profiles incomplete or generic dilutes this positioning.

Understanding Forum Rules and Guidelines

Take time to familiarize yourself with the forum’s code of conduct, content policies and any compensation rulebooks.

Even if you don’t read traditional contracts, these documents dictate what you can and can’t post to remain in good standing.

Key details to note:

  • Content formatting guidelines
  • External linking allowances
  • Self-promotion rules
  • Competition or collaboration with other moderators
  • Payment policies and release forms

Following forum guidelines to a T protects your posting privileges and pay eligibility. Don’t get caught breaking basic rules that jeopardize your account standing. With the foundation set, you can start contributing valuable posts!

Where to Find Paid Forum Posting Jobs

Beyond researching forums themselves, you can find paid posting gigs in online job boards and freelancing platforms:

Online Job Boards

  1. Upwork
    Upwork features a Forum Posting Job category where clients post opportunities across niche communities. Compensation structures vary but often include per-post fees ranging $5-20+ based on contributor history.
  2. Freelancer
    Similar to Upwork, check Freelancer’s forum moderator and marketing categories for one-off posting jobs. These better suit newbies trying out different forums rather than regular contributors targeting just 1-2 sites long-term.

Specialized Forums

    As one of the most established paid forum networks, PaidForumPosting consolidates new opportunities across a range of niches. Expect lots of tech, business and marketing focused discussions.
  2. ForumCoin
    ForumCoin offers its own currency allowing members to earn for posts which can be cashed out into dollars. The network spans fitness, entertainment, sports and other mainstream topics that appeal to mass audiences.

Freelance Writing Platforms

  1. Fiverr
    Search Fiverr for forum posting gigs sorted by niche, payment amount or other filters that match your background. These tend to be one-off requests rather than recurring partnerships.
  2. Textbroker
    While Textbroker emphasizes article writing, check their online community management orders for forum posting requests. Like Fiverr, suitable for gaining exposure across different sites rather than specializing long-term.

The advantage of job boards is accessing many forums quickly to test appeal. Just know client relationships here rarely convey into leadership roles on the actual forums.

But they work as short-term income while determining your best niche fit!

Strategies for Successful Paid Forum Posting

Strategies for Success

Getting your forums contributions sponsored long-term requires setting yourself apart from random, anonymous users. Follow these guidelines:

Build a Strong Online Presence

  1. Quality Posts and Contributions.
    Aim for depth over breadth in public posts and private messages. Ask follow-up questions, provide unique takes backed by personal experiences, and reference reputable sources. Build substance beyond one-line comments.
  2. Establish Credibility.
    Reference any relevant credentials, career experience and community ties that reinforce your authority on the forum’s subject matter. For example, as a lifestyle travel blogger participating in a nomad forum.

Develop Effective Communication Skills

  1. Writing Skills.
    Good writing grabs attention and influences readers. Brush up on fundamentals like tight composition, scannable formatting and conversational tone best suited for online forums.
  2. Interpersonal Skills.
    The ability to build connections and resolve conflicts diplomatically will determine your longevity. Listen first, find common ground and focus on solving problems rather than proving right vs. wrong.

Manage Time Efficiently

  1. Set Priorities.
    Taking on too many forums at once leads to shallow contributions that won’t attract sponsorship. Limit yourself to 1-2 niche sites with realistic posting goals for each.
  2. Balance Quantity and Quality.
    While hitting post count incentives matters, empty comments won’t earn you respect. Identify times of day you can allocate ~1 hour for thoughtful discussion and relationship-building.

Master these areas, and your posts establish the visibility and trust to elicit paid opportunities. Remember, you’re playing the long game cultivating personal brand and relationships first. The income follows!

Tips for Maximizing Earnings

Once you prove your value as a contributor, put these tips into play to optimize your income:

Choose the Right Forums

Target forums with compensation models rewarding high view counts, clicks and conversions rather than just volume posting.

For example, some forums share ad earnings when your threads drive significant traffic or sales through affiliate links.

Participate in High-Paying Threads

Learn to identify sponsored threads that pay higher rates for engagement. Often these revolve around new product launches, event promotions or surveys.

Leverage Referral Programs

Cash in on forums offering bonuses for referring other valuable members. But avoid shady “get-rich-quick” sites focused more on recruitment than community.

Diversify Forum Memberships

Participate actively on 1-2 niche forums while maintaining side profiles on secondary communities aligned to your interests. This allows income diversification while building your overall credentials.

The goal of these optimization strategies is to make every post work harder for you monetarily – while continuing to provide authentic value to each forum!

Pitfalls to Avoid

While legitimate paid posting opportunities exist, you need to mitigate key risks:

Falling for Scams

Avoid “get rich quick” forums promising guaranteed income without clear compensation structures in place. Use the vetting tips to validate payment practices and user experiences.

Beware sites soliciting initial “training” or “membership” fees – a tactic for grabbing money without providing real value.

Violating Forum Rules

Carefully read each forum’s guidelines around self-promotion, linking practices, politics and other content policies.

Just because you see unpaid users breaking rules doesn’t mean sponsors will tolerate the same from compensated posters.

Overcommitting and Burnout

Posting high volumes across multiple active forums often leads to depleted enthusiasm and quality discussions. Set reasonable goals for posts per week while allocating downtime for recharging perspective.

Remember, sponsored posting requires playing the long game. You must balance keeping forums lively and users engaged with avoiding shady opportunities and unsustainable schedules. Pace yourself!

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The world of paid forum posting offers real money making potential but requires an informed approach. As we covered:

  • Numerous forums leverage engaged niche audiences to compensate contributors
  • You can earn money driving discussion and traffic around sponsor goals
  • Vetting site legitimacy, understanding compensation models, and maintaining valuableposting habits are key
  • Optimization strategies increase earnings over general participation

In short, you can turn expertise sharing into income through selective, strategic forum posting.

I hope this guide demonstrated how you can profit from forums you likely already enjoy participating in. The next step is researching communities that fit your background and interests to uncover potential.

Move forward realistically and selectively. There are absolutely lucrative opportunities out there – but also ineffective approaches and outright scams. Use the blueprint and advice provided here as your playbook.

Final Thoughts

Forums present a compelling income stream because they allow monetizing our natural passions and perspectives.

But sustainable, ethical paid posting requires protecting the integrity and vibrancy of online communities over profit motives alone.

If you approach sponsorships genuinely wanting to move conversations forward vs. just capitalizing on audiences, both moderators and members will respond positively over the long-term.

This earns far more than hijacking attention short-term.

Just remember – your value starts with the contributions you make without expectation. Let this guide you in posting not just for dollars but dialogue and relationships.

Best of luck!

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