Disability Affiliate programs

Welcome to todays post exploring disability affiliate programs.

In the ever-evolving landscape of affiliate marketing, there’s a growing movement towards inclusivity and social impact.

Today, we embark on a journey to explore a niche that goes beyond conventional partnerships — Disability Affiliate Programs.

disability affiliate programs

These programs not only offer avenues for earning commissions but also contribute to a more inclusive and accessible world.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the realm of organizations and platforms that are making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities.

From promoting accessibility in technology to supporting non-profit initiatives, these affiliate programs are more than just financial partnerships; they are bridges to empowerment and awareness.

Join us as we uncover the stories behind eight remarkable Disability Affiliate Programs, each with its unique mission, commission rates, and benefits.

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer seeking purpose in your partnerships or someone passionate about making a positive impact, this exploration is bound to inspire and inform.

Let’s dive into a world where affiliate marketing meets social responsibility, breaking barriers and building opportunities for a more inclusive future.



URevolution stands as a global force in the realm of disability inclusion, offering an extensive array of products and services.

With a profound commitment to fostering inclusivity, URevolution empowers businesses and organizations on their journey to becoming more welcoming and accessible.

From innovative solutions to comprehensive services, URevolution is a catalyst for positive change, bridging the gap towards a more inclusive world.

Quick Summary: URevolution stands as a prominent global disability inclusion platform, dedicated to aiding businesses and organizations in fostering inclusivity.

Through their affiliate program, partners can earn commissions of up to 20% on successful sales. The extended 30-day cookie period ensures affiliates benefit from a reasonable timeframe for potential conversions.



Ablenet takes the lead as a premier provider of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices and software.

With a dedicated focus on empowering individuals with communication disabilities, Ablenet’s cutting-edge products and services redefine the way people connect and express themselves.

Ablenet’s commitment to effective communication transcends technology, creating a transformative impact on the lives of those who rely on their innovative solutions.

Quick Summary: Ablenet holds a prominent position in the augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) industry, specializing in top-notch devices and software.

The affiliate program by Ablenet provides partners with a 10% commission on the sales of their cutting-edge products.

With a generous 30-day cookie period, affiliates have ample time to capitalize on potential customer conversions.



At the forefront of change, DisabilityIN stands tall as a non-profit organization championing disability inclusion in the workplace.

Their impactful programs and services serve as beacons, guiding employers towards the creation of truly inclusive environments. DisabilityIN’s unwavering commitment extends beyond rhetoric, actively working to ensure that workplaces become spaces where individuals with disabilities not only belong but thrive.

With a vision for universal inclusion, DisabilityIN is reshaping the landscape of workplaces around the globe.

Quick Summary: As a distinguished non-profit organization, DisabilityIN spearheads the charge for disability inclusion in the workplace.

The affiliate program by DisabilityIN provides a flexible structure with varying commission rates and cookie periods.

Affiliates gain access to exclusive resources and events, enhancing the overall benefits of partnership.

Mobility Aids

Mobility Aids

At the forefront of the mobility and assistive technology landscape, Mobility Aids takes center stage as a leading provider.

Their comprehensive range of products and services is designed with a singular purpose—to empower individuals with mobility impairments to lead lives of independence.

More than just a provider, Mobility Aids becomes a catalyst for transformative change, enabling individuals to navigate the world with dignity and autonomy.

Quick Summary: At the forefront of mobility and assistive technology, Mobility Aids stands out as a premier provider of essential products.

Affiliates partnering with Mobility Aids can enjoy a competitive commission rate of 10% on product sales, supported by a generous 45-day cookie period for an extended opportunity to secure conversions.

Disability Days

Disability Days

In the realm of promoting disability awareness and education, Disability Days emerges as a dedicated organization with a profound mission.

Through thoughtfully crafted programs and services, Disability Days goes beyond awareness, aiming to deepen understanding and appreciation for the rich diversity within the human experience.

Their initiatives serve as a bridge, connecting people to the unique stories and challenges that contribute to a more inclusive and empathetic society.

Disability Days is not just an organization; it’s a transformative force fostering a culture of understanding and acceptance.

Quick Summary: Dedicated to promoting disability awareness and education, Disability Days plays a crucial role in fostering understanding.

The affiliate program at Disability Days is structured with flexibility, featuring varying commission rates and cookie periods.

Affiliates not only contribute to a noble cause but also gain access to exclusive resources and events, enhancing the partnership experience.

National Self Employment Association (NSEA)

National Self Employment Association

Dedicated to the entrepreneurial spirit, the National Self Employment Association (NSEA) stands as a non-profit organization committed to providing invaluable resources and support to small businesses.

In a landscape often dominated by challenges, NSEA emerges as a guiding light, fostering an environment where aspiring entrepreneurs can access the tools and assistance needed to transform their visions into successful ventures.

More than an association, NSEA becomes a crucial ally for those navigating the intricate journey of small business ownership.

Quick Summary: As a non-profit powerhouse, the National Self Employment Association (NSEA) focuses on empowering small businesses through resources and support.

The NSEA affiliate program stands out with a compelling 15% commission on sales, coupled with a 30-day cookie period.

This combination of a competitive rate and a reasonable timeframe for potential conversions makes the NSEA affiliate program an attractive opportunity for partners.



MeetBreeze takes center stage as a revolutionary cloud-based video conferencing platform, setting itself apart by prioritizing accessibility for all.

Beyond the conventional boundaries of virtual meetings, MeetBreeze is meticulously designed to ensure that everyone, regardless of ability, can seamlessly participate.

As a beacon of inclusive communication, MeetBreeze redefines the landscape of virtual interactions, making it not just a platform but a catalyst for uniting diverse voices and perspectives from every corner of the globe.

Quick Summary: MeetBreeze stands as a pioneer in cloud-based video conferencing, emphasizing accessibility for all.

The MeetBreeze affiliate program presents an enticing proposition with a remarkable 25% commission on sales, complemented by a 30-day cookie period.

Affiliates not only contribute to promoting inclusive communication but also benefit from a lucrative commission structure and a reasonable window for potential conversions.

Special Olympics Australia

Special Olympics

In the realm of sports and empowerment, Special Olympics Australia stands as a beacon of change. As a non-profit organization, their unwavering dedication is directed toward providing sports training and competition opportunities specifically tailored for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Special Olympics Australia transcends the realm of mere athletics; it becomes a transformative force, fostering not only physical prowess but also a sense of belonging, confidence, and camaraderie.

Through the power of sports, this organization becomes a vehicle for empowerment, demonstrating that everyone, regardless of ability, deserves a chance to shine.

Quick Summary: Dedicated to fostering inclusion through sports, Special Olympics Australia is a non-profit organization providing training and competition opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Affiliates joining the Special Olympics Australia program can contribute to this noble cause, earning a 5% commission on merchandise sales. The 30-day cookie period provides affiliates with a reasonable timeframe to make a meaningful impact through their promotional efforts.


Crafting content around relevant questions is an effective way to address the needs and concerns of your audience. Here are some question-based keywords that you can use for the promotion of disability-related content:

  • Accessibility and Inclusion:
    • How can businesses enhance accessibility for people with disabilities?
    • What are the best practices for creating an inclusive workplace?
    • Are there affordable accessibility solutions for small businesses?
  • Assistive Technology:
    • What are the latest advancements in assistive technology?
    • How can assistive technology improve daily life for individuals with disabilities?
    • Are there affordable options for assistive technology devices?
  • Disability Awareness:
    • How can we raise awareness about different types of disabilities?
    • What initiatives promote disability awareness in schools and communities?
    • Are there online resources for learning more about specific disabilities?
  • Financial Support:
    • What financial assistance programs are available for people with disabilities?
    • How can individuals with disabilities access grants or scholarships?
    • Are there disability-friendly financial planning services?
  • Employment and Entrepreneurship:
    • What resources support employment opportunities for people with disabilities?
    • How can individuals with disabilities start their own businesses?
    • Are there disability-friendly job boards or networking platforms?
  • Accessible Events and Spaces:
    • How can event organizers make their events more accessible?
    • What are some examples of accessible public spaces for individuals with disabilities?
    • Are there guidelines for creating universally accessible environments?
  • Education and Learning:
    • What inclusive education practices benefit students with disabilities?
    • How can parents and teachers support the learning needs of children with disabilities?
    • Are there online courses or platforms catering to specific learning styles?
  • Travel and Transportation:
    • What travel options are available for individuals with mobility challenges?
    • How can transportation services become more accessible?
    • Are there travel agencies specializing in accessible tourism?

Remember to integrate these keywords naturally into your content to provide valuable information and address the interests of your audience.

Niche Website Ideas

Building a niche website around disability-related topics and incorporating disability affiliate programs can not only provide valuable information to your audience but also create opportunities for affiliate earnings. Here are some niche website ideas:

  • Assistive Technology Hub:
    • Create a website dedicated to reviewing and showcasing the latest assistive technology devices and software.
    • Feature guides and tutorials on how individuals with disabilities can use technology to enhance their daily lives.
    • Utilize affiliate programs from companies offering assistive technology products.
  • Inclusive Workplace Resources:
    • Develop a platform offering resources and advice for businesses aiming to create more inclusive workplaces.
    • Include guides on accessible office design, inclusive hiring practices, and employee training programs.
    • Partner with disability inclusion organizations and use affiliate programs offering workplace-related products and services.
  • Accessible Travel Guides:
    • Build a travel-focused website catering to individuals with disabilities.
    • Provide reviews of accessible hotels, transportation options, and tourist attractions.
    • Use affiliate programs from travel agencies, mobility aid providers, and accessible travel services.
  • Specialized Education Portal:
    • Create a website offering information and resources for parents and educators of children with disabilities.
    • Feature articles on inclusive education practices, learning resources, and special education programs.
    • Utilize affiliate programs from educational material providers and online learning platforms.
  • Disability-Friendly Fitness and Wellness:
    • Develop a platform promoting accessible fitness and wellness activities for individuals with disabilities.
    • Provide workout routines, nutrition guides, and reviews of adaptive fitness equipment.
    • Partner with fitness equipment and wellness product companies through affiliate programs.
  • Non-Profit Support Hub:
    • Create a website supporting non-profit organizations focused on disability causes.
    • Feature fundraising tips, success stories, and resources for running disability-related campaigns.
    • Utilize affiliate programs from companies supporting non-profits and fundraising platforms.
  • Parenting with Disabilities Blog:
    • Establish a blog providing support and advice for parents with disabilities.
    • Share personal stories, parenting tips, and reviews of family-friendly products.
    • Use affiliate programs from companies offering parenting and family-oriented products.
  • Accessible Events Calendar:
    • Build a platform showcasing events and activities that prioritize accessibility.
    • Include reviews of venues, accessibility features, and event planning resources.
    • Utilize affiliate programs from event management services and accessible venue providers.

When creating your niche website, ensure that the content is informative, authentic, and aligns with the needs and interests of your target audience. This approach will contribute to the success of your affiliate marketing efforts while providing valuable resources to your visitors.

Conclusion: Paving the Way for Inclusivity and Impact

As we draw the curtain on our exploration of Disability Affiliate Programs, the resounding theme is clear: the intersection of affiliate marketing and social impact is a powerful catalyst for positive change.

The eight programs we’ve delved into embody a commitment to accessibility, empowerment, and inclusivity, proving that affiliate partnerships can transcend financial transactions to become avenues for meaningful contributions.

In this digital landscape, where influence meets responsibility, the Disability Affiliate Programs showcased here stand as beacons of inspiration.

Whether it’s advocating for assistive technology, championing workplace inclusion, or promoting accessible travel, these programs exemplify the potential of affiliate marketing to make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities.

As you consider your own journey into the realm of disability-related affiliate marketing, remember that each partnership is not just an opportunity to earn commissions but a chance to be a part of a movement.

A movement towards a world where barriers are dismantled, opportunities are created, and inclusivity is the norm.

So, whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer seeking a new purpose or someone passionate about promoting positive change, let this exploration serve as a starting point.

Let’s continue to leverage the influence of affiliate marketing to shape a more accessible, inclusive, and empathetic world—one partnership at a time.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, and may your endeavours in disability-related affiliate marketing be both rewarding and impactful.

Thanks for dropping by and if you want to see what other types of affiliate programs are available then you can see them here.

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