Rapid Traffic Suite Review

Welcome to my Rapid Traffic Suite Review.

This is a new product that was only released yesterday, but already it’s been creating quite a bit of interest. Stefan Ciancio, one of the products creators, is someone who I first come across a little over 2 years ago.

Since then I’ve reviewed around 11 products that he has been involved in, some good, some not so good. He did have a bit of a habit with rehashing old products like Traffic Rebirth which was virtually a copy of Pullii

A lot of them are to do with using Pinterest like the 2 products just mentioned and he has got a reputation for being the go to guy for everything Pinterest along with Greg Kononenko who he usually partners with.

It’s actually a shame he isn’t involved with him this time cause I like Greg’s input, but hay-ho, we’ll see how it pans out.

NAME: Rapid Traffic Suiterapid traffic suite review

OWNERS: Stefan Ciancio, Paul O’Keefe

& Richard Fairbairn

PRICE: $24.95

WEBSITE: http://www.getrapidtrafficsuite.com/

#1 recommendation for making money from home

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What Is Rapid Traffic Suite All About

One thing I like about this right from the off is the fact that they let you know on the sales page what this is about. Now, you’re probably thinking isn’t that what a sales page is for?

You’d think so wouldn’t you, but I’ve reviewed so many products where the sales page doesn’t actually tell you a thing about the product they want you to buy.

Crazy right.

But at least with this one you know before you buy that you’re going to be getting a software suite that will help you to build a following on Pinterest 10x times faster than doing it al manually.

So, if Pinterest isn’t your thing you know to pass this one by, but if you like the idea of getting traffic from Pinterest and don’t either know or want to do all the tedious stuff yourself then this could be well worth a look.

rapid traffic suite sales page headline

Now, everything that is inside this can be done for free, I know, I’ve done it that way, from creating graphics to finding group boards, but there is a section on the sales page where he says he has a special way of using pins to get traffic that no-one will tell you.

I’m going to be keeping my eye open for that to see if it really is special.[su_divider top=”no”]

How It All Works

First of all you need a Pinterest account if you haven’t already got one, you then input your Pinterest URL, email and profile name.

One of the features in this software is the Follow Exchange. This is meant to find you profiles to follow, but what isn’t clear at the moment is whether or not it’s only profiles from people who have bought this software or if the software finds profiles on Pinterest itself.

If it doesn’t then I can see it being rather limited pool of followers depending of course on how many people buy this product.

It is also meant to be niche specific, but I’m seeing all different types of niches in the Follow Exchange which means that you have to manually go check out what niches these people are in.

Why? Because if you were in the Make Money Online niche why would you want to follow someone who is in the Weight Loss niche? And why would you want them following you?

If you buy the Pro version you have an extra option, the Pin Exchange which is where you can go to find pins to share to your boards and in return they share on their board which is where the exchange comes in as well as traffic (hopefully).

A nice addition is the Board Finder which is where you go to find group boards to join. It has all kinds of data like collaborators, total pins, followers, etc.

Next up is the Graphics Section which is where you can edit either your pictures or find royalty free images to edit. Once you’ve made your image you can download it ready for you to upload as a new pin.

You’ve then got a training section on both the software and some marketing training.

As I’ve already mentioned this can all be done manually and for free.[su_divider top=”no”]

The Training

The training for the software is pretty short, only 7 videos with the longest one being the graphics one at just over 4 min long.

When it comes to the marketing training however you’re getting 24 videos. Now, I will point out that a good number of those videos are from an old product of his, but after going through them they are still relevant.

rapid traffic suite trainingOne part of this training that wasn’t mentioned on the sales pages was setting up your own website which is where the monetization comes in to play.

I will admit that part of it isn’t the best, but if you stick around till the end I can help you out there cause in the Pinning and Automation video he tells you the ultimate goal is to get people to your website.[su_divider top=”no”]

Final Thoughts

At first I thought that this was just going to be another gimmicky piece of software that failed to do anything, but that wasn’t the case.

It isn’t a fully automated service and I think that has something to do with Pinterest not allowing that, but it does bring everything under one roof, so to speak.

Can you do it all yourself? Yes, absolutely. Take finding group boards for example, you’d just use something like PinGroupie or for the graphics you’d use something like Canva.

I actually built up a following of around 4 thousand last year and I did that manually, A few times a day I would follow 50 people and the following built up pretty quickly, I haven’t really done anything with it as yet, but I will do.

One thing that I was looking out for was the special way he uses pins to get traffic, I couldn’t find it and if it really was that special I’m sure you’d have an actual video dedicated to it, wouldn’t you?

That aside, I think that if you’re thinking of testing the Pinterest waters and aren’t really sure of what to do then this is going to help you.

What I do want to say is that remember at the beginning i said it was a shame Greg wasn’t involved with this one, well if you head on over to his Youtube channel, The Caffeinated Blogger, and you’ll find lots of free videos all about using Pinterest, Stefan does have some stuff on his channel, but you get a lot more on Greg’s.


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