Massage Chair Affiliate Programs

Today we’re diving into a world of comfort, relaxation, and a booming industry – massage chair affiliate programs.

You see, the market for massage chairs isn’t just about sitting and unwinding; it’s a whole industry worth billions, and it’s growing faster than you can say “relaxation.”

Now, why should you care about these affiliate programs, you might ask?

Well, let me tell you, the world of affiliate marketing is about finding those hidden gems, those opportunities that not only bring value to people’s lives but also line your pockets at the same time.

And the massage chair niche? It’s a goldmine waiting for savvy marketers like you.

Imagine this: reaching out to an audience searching for that perfect stress relief solution, or individuals seeking comfort after a long day’s work.

massage chair affiliate programs

You’re not just selling a chair; you’re selling relaxation, rejuvenation, and a lifestyle. And that’s where the real value lies.

The thing is, you don’t just want to promote any old massage chair. You want the top-tier stuff, the real deal.

We’re talking about partnering with reputable brands that provide not just a chair, but an experience. That’s where these affiliate programs come in.

In the next few moments, we’re going to dive deep into these programs, the commission rates, the different features, and how you can target the right keywords to capture the attention of those searching for relief, comfort, and wellness.

So, stick around, buckle up, because in a few minutes, you’re going to have the knowledge to tap into this growing market, and who knows, you might just find yourself sitting in your very own massage chair in no time while stacking up those affiliate commissions.

Are you ready to jump into this world of relaxation and opportunity?

Yes? Then let’s go!!

Relax The Back

relax the back

Relax The Back stands out as a distinguished retailer specializing in a comprehensive array of massage chairs and ergonomic solutions.

With a focus on promoting wellness through innovative solutions, Relax The Back offers a selection of massage chairs designed to address specific concerns related to posture, stress relief, and physical discomfort.

The diverse range of ergonomic solutions extends beyond massage chairs, encompassing accessories and furniture designed to support spinal health and overall well-being.

Recognized for its commitment to providing top-tier products tailored to enhance comfort and alleviate physical strain, their range caters to various needs for relaxation and overall wellness.

Why Choose Relax The Back:

Affiliate marketers can benefit from partnering with Relax The Back due to the broad appeal of their products. From individuals seeking relief from back pain to those looking for ergonomic solutions for their daily lives, Relax The Back’s range caters to a wide audience.

Keywords to Target:

  1. What are the benefits of massage chairs?
  2. How do massage chairs alleviate back pain?
  3. Are massage chairs good for relaxation?

By targeting these keywords, affiliate marketers can attract audiences interested in the benefits of massage chairs, addressing their concerns and directing them towards Relax The Back’s solutions for a comfortable and healthier lifestyle.


body health tec

BodyHealthTec is a trusted brand offering high-quality massage chairs, designed to provide premium relaxation experiences.

Why Choose BodyHealthTec

With a generous 15% commission rate, affiliates have the potential to earn significant commissions from their referrals.

The substantial average order value ranging between $3,500 to $5,000 ensures substantial earnings per sale for affiliates.

Specializing in massage chairs, BodyHealthTec offers a focused product line, guaranteeing quality and variety in relaxation solutions.

Keywords to Target

  • What are the key features of BodyHealthTec massage chairs?
  • Are BodyHealthTec massage chairs suitable for chronic pain relief?
  • How do BodyHealthTec massage chairs compare to other brands?

Titan Chair

titan chair

Titan Chair is a well-known retailer specializing in a wide array of massage chairs that are designed with innovative features to promote relaxation, comfort, and overall wellness.

They offer a diverse range of massage chairs that cater to various needs and preferences of customers looking for high-quality, ergonomic solutions for their relaxation and health.

Why Choose Titan Chair:

Choosing Titan Chair for your affiliate marketing endeavours offers distinct advantages.

Their diverse range of massage chairs caters to various customer preferences, while their innovative features, focused on comfort and wellness, set them apart in the market.

Renowned for durability and ergonomic designs, Titan Chair’s products are suitable for daily use, appealing to those seeking long-term comfort.

With options available for different budgets, they ensure accessibility to a broader audience. Highlighting therapeutic benefits such as stress reduction and improved wellness, these chairs offer more than just relaxation.

Keywords to Target:

  1. Are massage chairs suitable for daily use?
  2. What’s the best budget-friendly massage chair?
  3. How do massage chairs benefit overall wellness?

Utilize these keywords to create engaging content that informs potential customers about the advantages and suitability of Titan Chair’s massage chairs for their daily lives and well-being.

Human Touch

human touch

Human Touch is a renowned brand at the forefront of massage chair technology, offering a range of products designed to provide premium relaxation and wellness solutions. Their chairs are equipped with cutting-edge technology and innovative features, aiming to enhance comfort and promote overall well-being.

Why Choose Human Touch

Human Touch chairs are engineered with ergonomic designs specifically targeting better posture, supporting spinal alignment for improved comfort and posture enhancement.

With targeted massage modes and techniques, Human Touch chairs aid in muscle recovery, reducing tension and promoting relaxation, beneficial for post-exercise recovery or everyday stress relief.

Human Touch chairs offer the convenience and long-term value of professional massages, providing specific therapeutic benefits, such as stress reduction, without the recurring costs of traditional massage sessions.

Keywords to Target:

  1. Are massage chairs good for posture improvement?
  2. What massage chair features aid in muscle recovery?
  3. How do massage chairs compare to professional massages?

Utilize these keywords to create compelling content that highlights the advanced features and benefits of Human Touch’s massage chairs, attracting potential customers and guiding them toward making informed purchasing decisions.



Brookstone specializes in offering a carefully curated selection of massage chairs and wellness products, dedicated to enhancing relaxation and overall well-being. Their products are designed to provide a range of solutions for customers seeking comfort and stress relief.

Why Choose Brookstone

Brookstone’s massage chairs are ideal for post-work relaxation, designed to alleviate stress and promote relaxation after a long day.

With specific massage modes and features, Brookstone chairs contribute to better sleep by relaxing muscles and reducing stress, paving the way for a more restful night.

These chairs are tailored to address tension and stress, providing relief through targeted massage techniques aimed at relaxation.

Keywords to Target:

  1. Are massage chairs good for relaxation after work?
  2. How do massage chairs promote better sleep?
  3. Can massage chairs help with tension and stress?

Utilize these keywords to create persuasive content that highlights the stress-relief benefits of Brookstone’s massage chairs, effectively attracting potential customers seeking relaxation and stress alleviation.



Cozzia is a prominent brand in the massage chair industry, dedicated to pioneering advanced technology and offering a wide array of massage chairs tailored to individual comfort and relaxation needs.

With a rich history and a commitment to innovation, Cozzia consistently delivers luxurious and customizable relaxation experiences.

Why Choose Cozzia

Cozzia integrates cutting-edge technology, providing users with advanced massage functions and customizable settings for an exceptional experience.

Cozzia offers a wide selection of massage chairs, ensuring there’s a suitable option for every user, whether for relaxation or targeted pain relief.

Synonymous with quality and comfort, Cozzia chairs are crafted with premium materials and ergonomic designs, guaranteeing a luxurious and supportive experience.

Keywords to Target

  1. What are the key features of Cozzia massage chairs?
  2. Are Cozzia massage chairs suitable for chronic pain relief?
  3. How does Cozzia’s range compare to other brands?

Joining Cozzia’s affiliate program offers an opportunity to promote state-of-the-art massage chairs, backed by advanced technology and user-centric design.

Positive Posture

positive posture

Positive Posture’s affiliate program specializes in offering high-quality massage chairs and recliners, providing users with a premium relaxation experience.

Why Choose Positive Posture

rate, affiliates have the potential to earn significantly from promoting Positive Posture’s high-value products.

The average order value ranging between $3,000 to $4,000 promises substantial earnings per sale for affiliates.

Positive Posture specializes in high-quality massage chairs and recliners, offering top-tier comfort and relaxation to customers.

Keywords to Target

  • What are the key features of Positive Posture massage chairs?
  • Are Positive Posture recliners worth the investment?
  • How do Positive Posture massage chairs compare to other brands?

Prime Massage Chairs

prime massage chairs

Prime Massage Chairs’ affiliate program focuses on providing top-tier massage chairs and zero gravity recliners, catering to users’ relaxation needs.

Why Choose Prime Massage Chairs

With an average order value of $3,500, affiliates have the potential to earn significant commissions from each sale.

Prime Massage Chairs offers a selection of massage chairs and zero gravity recliners, providing choices for different user preferences.

A 30-day cookie duration ensures affiliates have a reasonable window to earn commissions from their referrals.

Keywords to Target

  • What are the benefits of zero gravity recliners?
  • Are Prime Massage Chairs’ products suitable for chronic pain relief?
  • How do Prime Massage Chairs’ features compare to other brands?

Best Body

best body

Best Body specializes in providing high-quality massage chairs, delivering top-tier relaxation experiences.

  • Commission Rate: 8%
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Average Order Value: $3,000-$4,000
  • Affiliate Program Access: Best Body affiliate program

Why Choose Best Body

Offering an 8% commission rate, the affiliate program provides an opportunity for substantial earnings per sale.

With an average order value ranging between $3,000 to $4,000, affiliates have the potential to earn significant commissions from each sale.

Specializing solely in massage chairs ensures a dedicated and quality-focused product line for customers seeking premium relaxation solutions.

Keywords to Target

  • What are the key features of Best Body massage chairs?
  • Are Best Body massage chairs worth the investment?
  • How do Best Body massage chairs compare to other brands?



EasyMassageChair specializes in providing high-quality massage chairs for a premium relaxation experience.

Why Choose EasyMassageChair

Offering a 7% commission rate, the affiliate program ensures substantial earnings for marketers with every sale.

With an average order value of $3,500, affiliates have the potential to earn considerable commissions from each sale.

The $100 minimum payout threshold provides ease in accessing earned commissions.

Keywords to Target

  • What are the benefits of using EasyMassageChair products?
  • Are EasyMassageChair products suitable for stress relief?
  • How do EasyMassageChair products compare to other massage chair brands?

Promotion Tips

  1. Quality Content Creation: Develop informative, engaging content on the benefits of massage chairs, their features, comparison guides, and reviews. Use various formats such as articles, videos, or infographics.
  2. SEO Optimization: Focus on optimizing your content for search engines. Use relevant keywords and phrases related to massage chairs to attract organic traffic.
  3. Social Media Engagement: Utilize various social media platforms to share your content, engage with your audience, and create a community around massage chairs. Consider platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.
  4. Email Marketing: Build an email list of interested prospects and regularly send out newsletters or exclusive deals related to massage chairs. Personalize content to appeal to the specific interests of your subscribers.
  5. Collaborate with Influencers: Partner with influencers or industry experts who can review or promote the massage chairs on their platforms, reaching a wider audience.
  6. Offer Special Deals and Coupons: Provide exclusive discounts, coupons, or limited-time offers for the massage chairs you’re promoting to entice potential buyers.
  7. Educational Webinars or Events: Host webinars or live events where you discuss the benefits, features, and importance of massage chairs. This allows for direct engagement and educational opportunities.
  8. Product Comparisons and Reviews: Compare different massage chair models or brands, highlighting their features, benefits, and value to help potential buyers make informed decisions.
  9. Engage in Forums and Communities: Participate in online forums, discussion boards, or relevant communities to share your knowledge and provide valuable insights about massage chairs.
  10. Continuous Monitoring and Optimization: Regularly monitor your strategies, track performance metrics, and adapt your promotional tactics based on what works best for your audience.

By employing these strategies, you can effectively promote massage chairs as an affiliate and increase your chances of success in the affiliate marketing space.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the health benefits of using a massage chair?
  • Massage chairs offer various health benefits, including stress relief, muscle relaxation, improved circulation, reduced tension, and relief from muscle stiffness and soreness.
  1. Are massage chairs suitable for everyone?
  • While generally safe for most people, individuals with certain health conditions (like pregnancy, heart conditions, or specific health issues) should consult a healthcare professional before using a massage chair.
  1. What features should I consider when purchasing a massage chair?
  • Consider features such as massage techniques (shiatsu, rolling, kneading), intensity levels, preset programs, heat therapy, zero-gravity recline, and user-customizable settings.
  1. How often should I use a massage chair?
  • Usage frequency varies, but using a massage chair for about 15-30 minutes a day can be beneficial. Individuals should adhere to their comfort levels and body’s response.
  1. Can pregnant women use massage chairs?
  • It’s advisable for pregnant women to avoid using massage chairs, especially in the first trimester. Consult a healthcare provider before using one during pregnancy.
  1. Do massage chairs help with back pain?
  • Massage chairs can alleviate back pain by reducing tension and promoting relaxation. They may provide relief, but individual results may vary.
  1. What is the difference between shiatsu and Swedish massage chairs?
  • Shiatsu massage chairs use pressing, sweeping, patting, and rolling movements, whereas Swedish massage chairs primarily focus on kneading and long strokes.
  1. How do massage chairs compare to traditional massage therapy?
  • Massage chairs provide consistent, on-demand massages, while traditional massage therapy offers personalized treatment by a professional masseuse.
  1. Are massage chairs easy to set up and maintain?
  • Most massage chairs are relatively easy to set up and require minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning and occasional lubrication may be necessary.
  1. What is the warranty coverage for massage chairs?
    • Warranty coverage varies by brand and model. It typically includes different warranties for parts, labour, and the frame, ranging from 1 to 5 years or more. It’s crucial to review the warranty terms before purchasing.

Additional Keywords

Here are some additional SEO keywords that can be utilized for content targeting in the massage chair affiliate niche:

  1. Massage Chair Types:
    • Zero gravity massage chairs
    • Shiatsu massage chairs
    • Full-body massage chairs
    • Reclining massage chairs
    • Robotic massage chairs
    • Electric massage chairs
  2. Massage Chair Benefits and Uses:
    • Health benefits of massage chairs
    • Pain relief with massage chairs
    • Relaxation techniques with massage chairs
    • Muscle tension relief with massage chairs
    • Massage chair therapy benefits
    • Massage chairs for back pain relief
  3. Specific User Needs:
    • Massage chairs for elderly users
    • Massage chairs for chronic pain
    • Pregnancy-friendly massage chairs
    • Massage chairs for athletes
    • Massage chairs for stress relief
    • Massage chairs for office or workspaces
  4. Brand and Model-Specific Keywords:
    • Brand names followed by “massage chair” (e.g., “iRest massage chair features”)
    • Specific model or series names (e.g., “XYZ model review”)
  5. Comparisons and Reviews:
    • Massage chair brand comparisons
    • Massage chair product reviews
    • Top-rated massage chairs
    • Budget-friendly massage chair options
    • Luxury massage chairs compared

Utilizing these SEO-focused keywords in your content creation can help improve visibility, attract targeted traffic, and enhance engagement with potential customers interested in massage chair products and related information.


Affiliate programs in the massage chair niche offer a lucrative opportunity for marketers to earn significant commissions.

With high average order values, often ranging between $3,000 to $4,000, successful referrals can result in substantial earnings per sale.

This high-ticket item nature can significantly impact affiliate revenue, making it an attractive prospect for those in the affiliate marketing space.

The market for wellness and relaxation products, particularly massage chairs, continues to expand. As people increasingly prioritize self-care and wellness, the demand for these products is on the rise.

The ever-growing market provides a vast and diverse audience, offering ample potential for marketers to tap into an expansive customer base and drive sales.

Furthermore, the massage chair niche is an evergreen market in the health and wellness industry. Health-conscious consumers consistently seek relaxation solutions, making it a niche that presents long-term potential for affiliate marketers.

This niche’s stability ensures continued interest and demand, providing a reliable income source for those involved in promoting these programs.

Affiliating with reputable brands in the wellness industry enhances a marketer’s credibility and trustworthiness.

Successful collaboration with established brands allows marketers to leverage the brand’s reputation and quality, reinforcing confidence and building credibility among their audience.

As trust is a crucial factor in the purchase decision, associating with reputable brands becomes a significant advantage in promoting these products.

Overall, the opportunity to promote massage chairs as an affiliate presents a chance for diverse content creation.

This includes reviews, comparison guides, informative articles, and engaging multimedia content. Affiliates can leverage their creativity in producing valuable content that resonates with their audience, fostering engagement and driving conversions.

The niche’s evolution and ongoing technological advancements also provide opportunities for affiliates to explore and present the latest features and innovations, maintaining audience interest and driving sales.

If you are not sure how to do any of the above tips then feel free to take a look at my #1 recommendation, that will give all the information you need to successfully promote these massage chair affiliate programs.

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